Vridhee Learning

Vridhee is a social learning platform provided by AI / ML and internet technologies to make education more inclusive, affordable, equitable and accessible to all sections of society bringing mentors and learners together for a seamless knowledge sharing experience through adaptive, peer and activity based learning with multilingual curriculum.

The Indian School Education System is vast, with millions of schools, teachers and students from diverse backgrounds. However, a majority of educational technology in India focus on serving the affluent minority, leaving out the marginalized section that represents 68.7% of T3 & T4 cities mostly government run schools. Vridhee aims to address this gap by providing affordable multilingual adaptive learning solutions to this underserved segment, with a potential market of 25.57 Crore (265 M) students.



Campus is for the Teachers/Mentors who works thanklessly to build a better societies. Teachers faced huge challenges with the evolving online learning trend. Our Campus feature will enable teachers to have their own online digital classroom to track their students progress & performance, admission, attendance and fees for INR 500/- or 500 Vridhee coins which can be earned easily through different activities in Vridhee platform (build or improve curriculum and question bank OR by contribution towards community like number of doubts cleared, blogs written or liked, quiz built, challenges created, projects given, paper published).

We truly believe in #educationforall and so, with every 7 students a teacher is charging fees for mentoring he/she has to support 3 underprivileged students. We also want Vridhee for transgender community because #educationforall without them will be incomplete. Vridhee will build an opportunity for all of us to be truly called as same with academic growth, moral growth, cultural growth, education, jobs, respect and dignity.

  • ERP : Admission, fee, attendance, timetable, notice board
  • LMS: Lesson plan, assignments, digital classroom.
  • Personalized website and mobile APP.
  • Earn rewards based on student progress, performance and engagement
  • All-in-one timetable, fee payment, notice.
  • Class/topic feedback.
  • LLM & mentor based doubt clearance.
  • Progress based algorithms to provide guidance and motivation.
  • Rewards in project completion and paper publication


Curriculum: Our purpose for building the curriculum was to uniquely serve every individual learner as per his or her understanding and expertise on a particular topic because not everyone learns at the same pace. Most of the curriculum available in different MOOC platforms are syllabus driven, expensive and created mostly in English, which is problematic for many learners, so our curriculums are multilingual, free to use and focused on personalized learning rather than syllabus. Curriculums need content so our strategy to build a huge content base is curating contents of different formats (PDF, articles, discussion, activity based internship, question bank, video etc.) from sources like YouTube, Twitter Education, BBC, Wikipedia, W3schools and many more. The contents are available for free in the Internet but mostly unstructured with social media destructions but we are making it curriculum based, embedded in platform without distraction and personalized to implement adaptive learning experience.

Vridhee will also launch curriculum in emerging technology like Drone making to flying, Al & ML, eXtended Reality and Metaverse with support of CH-14 India and NASCI (National Association of Cognitive Science Industries) Korea, also deep learning in semiconductor with support of Sinelec Technologies Germany to prepare learners for upcoming industry needs. Vridhee will also launch various skill based learning curriculum partnering with leading enterprises like Fashion TV academy

  • Easy to build curriculum with system recommendation.
  • Multilingual curriculum, web-curated contents.
  • Embed contents, reference through web-links.
  • Question bank, class test & mock tests.
  • Syllabus completion tracking.
  • Earn rewards to create notes, timestamps in content.
  • Earn rewards in activity to build or improve curriculum, content and question bank.
  • Developed algorithms to understand learner's needs and accordingly provide curriculum & contents in preferred language.
  • Practice quiz based on learner`s interest and understanding.
  • Self library based on usage data.
  • Take notes while studying for future reference.
  • Earn rewards by completing a topic, quiz or challenging friends.


As human beings, we tend to be influenced by others around us and also in a way influence others with our activities. The dropout rate of 85%-96% in the MOOC platforms is for the major reason of unavailability of peer based education and guidance from mentors. The AI based Vridhee community will have the sole purpose of bringing peers together of the same interest so that the progress of one can motivate the other and also one can help his or her peers with the topic they are good in. There will be subject specific communities, which will be further filtered by language and location for a better comfort zone among peers and mentors. Every knowledge sharing activity, both teachers and mentors can earn 'Vridhee Coins'. System will also push practical projects; academic, social and moral activity driven, which can only be completed in groups, thus encouraging teamwork.

Learners can also share activity videos, code or process documents, papers in Vridhee building an activity driven profile for them, which will help them to get better college or job opportunities in future.

  • Access to global learner pool.
  • Self growth through networking.
  • Building profile by showcasing all kind of real time activities in the community
  • Recognition in helping needy students.
  • Private communities to stay connected with current and past students.
  • Rewards for contribution towards community.
  • Enabling learning journey by delivering best experience being with peers and not alone.
  • Algorithm to find circle of similar people, thus getting motivation and fun to learn in group.
  • Doubt clearance or mentoring from global pool of teachers, professionals and other learners.
  • Work in projects and participate in activity in a group collaboration.
  • Rewards for every activities in community.