about apexPie

Education is not a luxury,
it is a necessity -Madonna Ciccone

Vridhee wants to enable education for free to every child so that money doesn't define the quality of education one gets.

  • Curriculum driven self-learning.
  • Community driven motivation.
  • Education grants for scholars.

An investment in knowledge, pays the best interest -Benjamin Franklin

Everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher. Vridhee wants to build that ecosystem where people keep learning and keep growing everyday to be a better person
  • Learn from experts.
  • Teach others what you know.
  • Time invested in knowledge sharing, builds the society.
endless possibilities

Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions.

Vridhee wants to enable teachers to teach as many students as they can, get the respect and appreciation they deserve and leave everything else to Vridhee.

  • Enabling quality technology with Digital classroom, LMS, ERP for free.
  • Recognition towards social contribution.
  • Self growth to teach better.

Vridhee Family

Knowledge is power knowledge shared is power multiplied -Robert Boyce

To everyone,

We from Vridhee, request you to come and join us in this journey of "vridhee" for all. Help us build this platform which makes quality education accessible to all. Only education can make the world a better place for us. We would appreciate your contribution in any form,

  • Development Fund Requirement.
  • Domain Expertise.
  • Spreading the word.
  • Sharing your story.

Let's make one big community for the "growth" of our future.