Vridhee is a social learning platform for teachers and learners with AI- built curriculums using curated web-sourced contents for optimum learning

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Why Vridhee?

Passions shouldn't die, they keep us alive!!

Nayan, 18 year old college going girl in Bangalore, got inspired from college fest and wanted to learn guitar. She got a new guitar of her favourite colour and also named it Piu. She also enrolled for an online guitar course. But after 6 weeks she got bored with online guitar learning video based lessons and few hour of guidance. She got more engaged in other activities and now Piu is sitting on a shelf getting dust.

People get demotivated even from things they want the most, mostly because of learning alone. Vridhee can make Nayan be part of an AI driven guitar community of her locality and language where others like her, either learning or teaching guitar. They can meet online or in person to jam together and may decide to make a band to perform in next college fest. She also earns VCoins while learning and gets information of various guitar events. She can also teach guitar while learning, as the best way of learning is teaching. Who knows she is our next rockstar

endless possibilities

Let the power of dreams be conquered.

Shaan is a 13 years old boy who works in a tea stall beside NH-16 near Kolaghat, West Bengal. He cannot study in fixed time school as every penny earned is a necessity. But he wants to build cars and watches video related to car designs.

Vridhee can provide him structured curriculum with content and also provide him a community of his preferred language with teachers, experts and other learners of same interest where he gets guidance, peer with them, participate is various competitions and can earn grants while studying.

Can we imagine a society without teachers?

Sara teaches English in Chandpur, Varanasi. She is elder to her 3 siblings and main source of income for her family. She is well-known in her locality for teaching. But when pandemic hit, no one was there to help her with online teaching. Took her some time but eventually learned to teach online. But now students are learning from technology companies where watching videos and online test are trends. Once a well- known teacher is now distributing pamphlets & trying making online content but could not afford costly teaching app. Now she is planning to switch profession.

Vridhee can provide her a teaching app she needs with AI recommendation where she makes her own curriculum with content & question bank. Contributions like motivating students to learn, building question bank, clearing doubts, providing guidance, teaching few needy students for free, she earns VCoins which makes her teaching app free and also gets recognised globally. No more distributing pamphlets or switching profession as she now can teach students across North India.