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Our Mission

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To make education more inclusive, affordable, equitable and accessible to all sections of society, through seamless knowledge sharing experience using adaptive, peer, social & activity-based learning with multilingual curriculum.

To empower mentors/teachers with better earning, recognition, respect, training & technology.

To make everyone understand their real inner strength and realize to "be a better you" with every small steps.

To hold hands when required most and make them understand that you are not alone in this journey to realize importance of life

Our product is focused to empower mentors and learner with result-oriented approach.

2+ billion

content in 25+ languages giving relevant access to specific information

35+ million

learners having personalized learning

2+ million

mentors getting powered & recognition

3+ billion

wellness, psychometrics, social and behavioural data

360 degrees

of learning through academy, skill enhancement, wellness, stress & time management

16 levels

of teacher/mentor training programs

Our Products

Revolutionizing Education

Vridhee Empowering Learners & Mentors with AI-Driven Personalized Learning

Our Culture

  • At Vridhee everyone has a voice which matters.
  • We focus in problem solving, self-thinking, decision making attitude and working together as a team.
  • We hire people of different backgrounds and points of views so that we can understand & serve diverse people.
  • We consider everyone (leaders, employees, advisors, investors, partners, clients, learners, mentors & even data) as our family.
  • We protect & serve together as we do for our family. Once you are part of Vridhee now the company also belong to you.

Our Principles

Give voice to everyone

Everyone has the right to express themselves and be listened to, even if it requires advocating for those with whom we hold opposing views.

Serve everyone equally

Our aim is to ensure that technology is accessible to all, enabling our services to remain free or very much affordable for users. No one will be returned because of money.

Education is not a luxury; it is a necessity

Only through proper guided education (which is birth right of everyone) we can make a better world.

Everyone is a learner and also mentor

We wants to build that ecosystem where people keep learning and keep growing every day to be a better person and also teach others what you know, as when you sharing knowledge to grow knowledge.

Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions

We wants to enable teachers to teach as many students as they can, get the respect and appreciation they deserve and leave everything else to US.

Keep data safe and protect privacy

It is our duty to foster the collective potential of individuals by prioritizing safety and proactively preventing harm.

Promote Economic Opportunity

Our products aim to equalize opportunities, empowering businesses & individuals to thrive, generate employment and fortify the economy.

Build network, cultivate community & learn to give

Our services facilitate connections, and when utilized optimally, they foster closer bonds among learners and mentors.

Our Leadership

Dipyaman Baral

Founder, Director, Chief Executive Officer

Vikas Tomar

Co-founder, Creative Head

Rohit Tripathi

Founder, Director, Chief Marketing Officer

Ashutosh Awasthi

Founder, Chief Research & Development Officer

Akhilesh Kannaujiya

Founder, Director, Chief Technology Officer

Pradeep Yadav

Founder, Chief Service Officer

Sandeep Yadav

Founder, Chief Operation Officer

Our Core Values

Our integral values serve as guiding principles to achieve extraordinary outcomes that empowers our customers.







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Some of our Achievements

Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC)

Campus, Doubt clearing AI based chatbot & Curated AI content & text to speech in English, Hindi and Odia for 6974 government school through Mafatlal

Odisha Adarsh Vidyalaya (OAV)

2124 Adarsh Vidyalaya school LMS, Content creation & delivery and MDM for hardware & usage monitoring tool

Himachal Pradesh Higher Education

932 institutes MDM hardware & usage monitoring tool through Mafatlal

Service to Indian Amry

Education claim management, Donation Management & Portal for all army museum.

ERP for Corporates

Mafatlal Industry, HCL, Sanako, iDream, BRINKS, Sisco Saudi, Sapco Saudi, Sadara Group etc.

Indian Government Projects & Serving Private Schhols

- NIXI, GAP, CoA, ISAP etc.
- 43 private institute started using our Campus.

Our History

How can we forget why, when, where and how we started.

Let's accomplish your goals together

We are ready to help you take learning to new heights.