Build Responsibly : Vridhee Code of Conduct

"At Vridhee, we empower individuals to foster communities and bridge divides globally. With a focus on excellence and accountability, we prioritize safety and inclusivity in all our initiatives. Our Code of Conduct guides every decision, ensuring ethical practices and clarity in daily responsibilities. It serves as our beacon for upholding standards and navigating ethical dilemmas."

A Message from Vridhee

At Vridhee, we recognize our profound responsibility to each other, the communities we serve, and the world at large. This commitment inspires our innovation and helps us evolve into a better company. Our Code of Conduct sets forth our expectations for behaviour and decision-making, providing guidance in times of uncertainty. We are dedicated to upholding high standards, and I encourage everyone at Vridhee—leaders, managers, and team members—to follow this Code, uphold its principles, and seek support when needed.

Code of Ethics

Our principles form the bedrock of our foundation

At Vridhee, five guiding principles shape our work:

  • Empower voices: We create platforms for individuals to share their stories and connect with others.
  • Foster community: We believe in the power of collaboration and strive to facilitate meaningful connections.
  • Ensure inclusivity: Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for all.
  • Prioritize safety and privacy: We are committed to safeguarding our community from harm.
  • Drive economic empowerment: Through our tools, we enable individuals to unlock opportunities and drive economic growth.

Your voice holds significance

At Vridhee, your voice is valued. We encourage speaking up if you observe or suspect any violations. Feel free to ask questions or report concerns through your preferred channel, ensuring confidentiality and prompt resolution."

Building responsibly, hand in hand

To foster connection, we must begin by nurturing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our internal community. We prioritize creating a secure and respectful work environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute authentically. By embracing our collective diversity, we strive to build the best products and make meaningful impacts globally. Vridhee is committed to implementing programs that support the recruitment, development, and retention of a diverse pool of talented employees."

Respect and Inclusivity

At Vridhee, kindness and respect mean:

  • Treating every community member with dignity, regardless of their role or tenure.
  • Considering others' perspectives and avoiding actions that may cause harm.
  • Upholding a culture of inclusivity and support, free from harassment or bullying.
  • Encouraging open communication and reporting of any policy violations promptly.

Safety security

Creating a secure work environment at Vridhee entails:

  • Adhering to environmental, health, and safety regulations.
  • Prioritizing environmental preservation and community well-being.
  • Maintaining sobriety and promoting responsible alcohol consumption.
  • Following company travel policies and procedures diligently.
  • Reporting any concerning behaviour promptly for the safety of all.
  • Abiding by physical security policies, including visitor protocols and badge usage.

Be loyal and transparent

  • Recognize that Vridhee's dynamic business scope necessitates vigilance in identifying potential conflicts of interest.
  • Seek guidance from your manager and utilize the conflicts tool for outside activities, ensuring proper review and approval.
  • Avoid personal connections benefiting from your position at Vridhee or influencing decision-making.
  • Dedicate your best efforts to work, preventing outside commitments from compromising contributions.
  • Promptly disclose any conflicts of interest via the tool of the conflict and refrain from engaging in activities requiring review until approved.

Confidentiality and protection

  • Protect Vridhee's intellectual property and confidential data through adherence to established guidelines.
  • Respect the IP rights and confidential information of all individuals and entities, including third parties, colleagues and competitors.
  • Responsibly utilize Vridhee's assets for legitimate business purposes, while exercising caution against misuse and maintaining security compliance with laws and regulations.

Compete ethically

  • Compete fairly, excel through product quality and embrace competition as a catalyst for innovation and growth.
  • Adhere to competition laws to prevent anti-competitive practices and safeguard Vridhee from legal repercussions.
  • Upholding fair competition principles ensures Vridhee's reputation and cultivates a healthy business environment for stakeholders.
  • We strictly adhere to ethical business practices worldwide, refraining from any involvement in bribery or corruption.

Engage ethically

  • Delegate government interactions appropriately and uphold Vridhee's policies on anti-corruption and political activities.
  • Ensure neutrality in supporting political parties' use of Vridhee products and comply with lobbying regulations.
  • Avoid personal political activities using company resources, clarifying that personal views are separate from Vridhee's stance.

Promote sustainability

  • Promote human rights, prohibit trafficking and ensure better working conditions.
  • Enhance civil rights, support marginalized communities and aim for net-zero emissions.
  • Invest in social justice organizations and adopt sustainable practices. Recycle, compost, promote tech access and develop civically engaged tools.
  • Encourage internet and tech use globally.

Human rights commitment

Vridhee's commitment to civil rights is unwavering. We prioritize fairness, non-discrimination, and justice in all aspects of our work. Our dedicated Civil Rights Team ensures that our policies, products, and practices uphold these principles. Through a voluntary audit and ongoing efforts, we aim to create spaces where everyone experiences equity, dignity, and voice. By embedding civil rights into our technologies from the outset, we strive to empower all communities to thrive on our platforms. At Vridhee, building technologies that foster inclusivity and equality for all remains at the forefront of our mission.

In Vridhee, upholding our mission responsibly is not just a task for a few—it's a commitment shared by everyone within our community. Each individual plays a crucial role in ensuring that we advance our goals with integrity, ethics, and a deep sense of responsibility. By embracing this collective responsibility, we strengthen our ability to make a positive impact and fulfil our mission to empower learners worldwide.

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