Adaptive learning based social learning platform

Vridhee 3C is a social learning platform build using AI / ML and internet technologiesto make education more inclusive, affordable, equitable, and accessible to all sections of society with special focus on 256 M T3/T4 learners & mentors, bringing them together for a seamless knowledge sharing experience through adaptive, peer, social and activity-based learning with multilingual curriculum.


  • Make education more inclusive, affordable, equitable and accessible to all sections of society
  • Bringing the mentors and learners together for a seamless knowledge sharing experience
  • Adaptive, peer, social and activity-based learning
  • Multilingual curriculum

Most of the ed-tech products are focused on students of T1 & T2 cities in India, whereas, a majority of students 265 M (68.7%) comes from T3, T4 cities, mostly from government schools who cannot afford to get quality mentors or expensive contents that to largely in English, non-outcome focused, lack social interaction with peer for collaborative and activity driven learning.

265 M+

Children does not have access to affordable quality education

[ Source: UDISE data ]


Students are involved in Skill Development program in India who need industry based outcome learning

[ Source: ]


Teachers are needed in educational institutes only in India

Low income & exposure in teaching profession.

[ nesco Report ]


Dropout rate of online paid courses globally

Lack of peer support & mentorship

[ ]

Vridhee 3C: Curriculum, Community, Campus

Right approach of information is right access to knowledge




  • Adaptive specific curriculum for every learner
  • Specific study plan for every learner
  • AI generated activity based assignments
  • Real life examples & case studies
  • Bloom's taxonomy based practice & class test
  • Earn reward after completing topic within study plan
  • Real time doubt solving (text based)
  • Real time doubt solving (image based)
  • Psychometrics evaluation of stress & time management
  • Revision Chat Bot
  • Discussion (Vridhee Feed, Twitter, Reddit)
  • Certificates after successful completion of curriculum


  • Knowing buddies completed/in-progress in any topic
  • Asking or giving help to earn rewards
  • Group Study after any chap completed to earn rewards
  • Challenge Buddies to earn rewards
  • Group projects, social & family activities to earn rewards
  • Explain question & earn rewards with every 10 likes
  • Create content & earn rewards with every 10 likes
  • Provide feedback to earn rewards
  • Earn rank by joining quarterly Olympiad


  • Performance (Practice, Class Test, Challenge, assignment, Olympiad)
  • Progress (Level up or down in each topic)
  • Engagement (Hour of content, test, Group study, help, feedback etc.)
  • Rank based on Performance, Progress, Engagement, Reward, Certificate, Olympiad


  • Post or Share Feeds (media, poll, quiz, info, event, activity, article, achievement, doubt etc.)
  • Build social and academic profile
  • Be part of curriculum based public community
  • Create campus based private community
  • Explore Campus, Mentor, Curriculum, Community
  • Build network with recommended buddies and mentors
  • Join/Create social and family based activities
  • Earn rewards for every post with min 100 likes


  • Anyone can create his/her own campus
  • Can build his/her own website and APP
  • ERP (Admission, Fee, Batch, HR, Attendance, Query Sys, Remark, Information Center, Notice Board)
  • LMS (Course, Timetable, Syllabus, Lesson Plan, Class Test, Assignments)
  • Content (Access to all our content & other public content)
  • Market (Access to global pool of learner, enquiry, booster)
  • Earn reward for every activity and leaners onboarding, Performance, Progress & Engagement
  • Join mentor training activities
  • Support in hardware for Campus setup (IFP, Cam etc.)

Future Plan

  • Edu-Shop
  • Programmatic & In APP advertisement
  • Admission, Interns, Jobs
Future Plan

Important Features

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Education is not a luxury,
it is a necessity - Madonna Ciccone

Vridhee wants to enable education for free to every child so that money doesn't define the quality of education one gets.

  • Curriculum driven self-learning.
  • Community driven motivation.
  • Education grants for scholars.

An investment in knowledge,
pays the best interest - Benjamin Frankli

Everyone is a learner, everyone is a teacher. Vridhee wants to build that ecosystem where people keep learning and keep growing everyday to be a better person

  • Learn from experts.
  • Teach others what you know.
  • Time invested in knowledge sharing, builds the society.

Teaching is the profession
that creates all other professions.

Vridhee wants to enable teachers to teach as many students as they can, get the respect and appreciation they deserve and leave everything else to Vridhee.

  • Enabling quality technology with Digital classroom, LMS, ERP for free.
  • Recognition towards social contribution.
  • Self growth to teach better.

Let's accomplish your goals together

We are ready to help you take learning to new heights.