Automate administrative functions, regulate learning activities, integrate resources and
empower stakeholders for better learning outcome.

Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) is an 'S-a-a-S' based educational ERP solution using innovative Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security. For any educational institution Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) is a complete application covering entire working processes. IMSPrme can be used by any educational institute of any size starting from kindergarten, secondary schools, collages, University, training institutes, group of institution or franchise schools.

Education Management System (EMS Vridhee) sole purpose is to make a system which can be Automated with various working functionality, Integrated with smart technology and hardware, Empower administration with real-time information and Connect all stakeholders.


Processes & activities across the institution


Smart technology & devices for organizational data


Regulate the academic administrative activities

More than 40 Modules

Our Platform comes pre-packed with more than 40+ ready-to-use modules. On top of it, all the modules are highly flexible and customizable to cater client specific needs. Also integrated with hardware like face recognizer, RFID, barcode scanner, VTS and other resources to make the system really automated.

Support & Services

When you become a Mafatlal user, our dedicated support teams are a phone call or click away. They understand the importance of providing prompt, professional solutions to every query. We also use ticket system to track your queries and manage regular health checkup.

Redefining Education

Vridhee provides an integrated learning solution for schools, professional colleges, institutes, group of institution and universities, designed to help them deliver high quality complete technology solutions.

Mobile Application

Vridhee users can access all learning activities any-time any-where with mobile applications. Institution can regulate and communicate to stakeholders. Parents can track the performance of their wards and interact with teachers and institutions.

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Product Features

Vridhee ERP Beyond
Learning Management Software

Delivering great learning experiences anytime anywhere.

A Joyfull

From Admission To Alumni

From the moment you step into the campus, IMSPrime, a smart easy-to-use, S-a-a-S based platform ensures a joyful experience from admission to alumni.

IMSPrime, a blended learning platform that makes classroom experience more powerful and learning experience more effective, a 'S-a-a-S' based education solution using innovative Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security. For any educational institution IMSPrime is a complete application covering entire academic processes. IMSPrime can be used by any educational institute of any size starting from kindergarten, secondary schools, collages, University, training institutes, group of institution or franchise schools.

IMSPrime sole purpose is to make a system which can be Automated with various working functionality, Integrated with smart technology and resources, Empower all stakeholders with real-time information and Connect all stakeholders.

Adoptive Platform

AI-enabled smart, blended powerful platform For educational excellence.

The world-class digital learning platform is beyond an LMS that enables seamless user experience and better outcome for institutions, instructors and learners. Anartificial Intelligence enabled Adaptive educational platform using innovative cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security that democratises teaching and erase all barriers to learning.

Interactive &

Building an ecosystem to provide meaningful learning experience and helping student deepen their knowledge.

Inspiring unparalleled collaborative experience by empowering teachers with a new way to engage students and provide an immersive learning experience. Creating collaborative learning environment keeping the best of traditional classrooms even when online.


Single platform with endless possibilities

We provide the ideal environment for connecting to the cloud and building your hybrid solutions with all required ingredients such as hyperscale public clouds, local cloud providers, network density, and interconnection services.

Build your direct access to the cloud, privately and in a cost effective way with on demand cloud service to all cloud providers and get the full potential of your infrastructure and optimize workflows.

Online Classrooms

Experience seamless learning
with our online classroom

IMSPrime is integrated with virtual classroom to take your classroom online. Schedule, manage and monitor live sessions and extract automated reports for insights into instructor, content and learner performances. Record your live classes and share with your audience right after the class is over. Increase learner engagement with real- time audio-video and textual communication, online notes, QA with feedback.

Tests & Assessments

Enhance your learning with our comprehensive tests and assessments

This unique platform is embedded with a powerful online tests and examinations module which is fully customizable to all remote assessment requirements. Using the platform candidate can have unlimited practice tests, teacher can conduct powerful Mock tests, create assessments, assignments, projects and institute can publish and conduct cheating proof examination and evaluation.

Create & Sell

Build your own portal and monetize your courses and content

The platform provides an end-to-end solution to create E learning materials and launch online course of your own and sell it globally with speedy and secure payment gateway. Upload learning material in any format to the cloud-based content library and create interactive courses, conduct tests and award certificates. Customize the look and feel and name of your portal and courses to offer branded learning experience.

Insightful Analytics

Unlock deeper understanding
with our insightful analytics

Be it a self-paced or an instructor-led course, the e Learning analytics helps you to gauge your learners’ progress and performance, highlight the areas of improvement. It keeps track of teaching and learning progress and performance for individuals or group and regulate academic activities. The innovative reports and analytics feature gives you an in-depth view of your course performance and lets you shape your teaching methodology accordingly.

Product Benefits

Being a cloud based model, our Clients do not require to invest on servers, firewall & other software. As our solution is a S-a-a-S and PaaS based, clients need to pay as they use.

Unlike on premise software, our platform doesn't get disrupted by barring monthly maintenance scheduled at convenient times. Hence a hassle free usage with monthly encrypted backups.

Our System allows unlimited usage leveraging advantage of cloud, unlike most platform attracts additional investment for server when implemented and data with number of users increase.

We take pride in our Service network and compatibilities. Our service cost includes license fee, implementation cost, online Support cost, and data migration cost. We provide module based ready platform.

We understand that every institution is unique and used to have their own working environments, so we provide a customized product so that the system does not change the current process but work to automate them to save time and remove their pain area.

We know change is part of life and that is why we keep on upgrading ourselves with new technologies, features and functionalities. We also update them to all our clients without any extra cost.

Education, Engage And Inspire

Addresses a wide spectrum of classroom challenges and enhances the learning experience. A right blend of hardware, multimedia resources, managing software and academic support to facilitate student’s engagement and teachers connect. Transforming the classroom environment into a truly interactive and collaborative one thereby making the learning experience more meaningful & enduring.

Remote Student

Access Resources

Content Co-creation

Improved Communication

Reinforcement Tactis

Record & Share

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